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ball rot   What is Moonlight Golfing?
  Moonlight Golfing is an absolutely new and unique illumination system that allows golfers to keep on playing golf after sunset. The Moonlight Golfing System is a quick return investment, high quality and absolutely new and fantastic golf feeling!
ball rot   How long does it take to install the Moonlight Golfing System?
  Average installation period of the Moonlight Golfing System on the 18-hole golf course is approx. one month.
Faster installation is also possible on individual request.
ball rot   Do you give any guarantee to your system?
  Yes! Up to 5 years.
The Moonlight Golfing System is a Swiss made production, thatís why we can easily provide the maximum possible guarantee period for the illumination system.
ball rot   What makes the Moonlight Golfing System special and differs from other night golf systems?
  Nowadays, there are only a few ways to play golf after sunset: floodlights and glowing accessories.
Playing golf with the help of glowing accessories (sticks, bars etc) is always a single golf event (e.g annual night golf tournament, charity event or funny party). It always requires a lot of preparation, time, effort and work to equip a golf course before the event and clean after.
Moreover, it is often nearly impossible for the golf clubs to equip a 9 or 18-hole course.
To play golf at night with floodlights is very expensive and requires very much energy, besides playing in the floodlight doesnít bring golfers any additional emotions because the golf course stays and looks like during daylight.

The Moonlight Golfing System brings an opportunity to play golf every day!
No additional energy, no preparation and an absolutely new and special feeling!
ball rot   Who can be interested in the Moonlight Golfing System?
  • Golf clubs
  • Golf academies
  • Golf courses
  • And of course golf players!
ball rot   Are there any damages to the grass?
  Absolutely no damage of the greens while installing the Moonlight Golfing System. The cables and lamps (there are no cables in the holes) will be installed very carefully. There is no need to delay or stop playing golf after the installation.
ball rot   What kind of electrical systems are used?
  Itís typical 12V electricity.
Besides, the Moonlight Golfing System can also be installed with solar energy, the cost is higher but very eco-friendly!
ball rot   Why the Moonlight Golfing System is the best?
  • Quick return investment
  • Exclusive Swiss quality
  • Five-year guarantee
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • New unforgettable feeling, drive and fun
  • No destruction of the golf field
  • Safe playing
  • Daily playing
ball rot   Does the flagstick (pin) stay mobile?
  Yes, the Moonlight Golfing flagstick is designed according to all golf standards and can be easily retrieved from the hole.
Itís a special construction which is also protected by industrial property rights!
ball rot   Are there any special requirements while operating the Moonlight Golfing System?
  No special requirements while operating the system except careful and cautious scarifying and aerification of your golf course in order not to damage the lamps.
Cutting the grass is no problem because the lamps are flush with the ground and golf lawn mowers can easily drive over the lamps.
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