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How it Works
  Keep playing golf after sunset - from dream to reality!
  To be able to play golf every day and night without planning or long preparation times!
  Just change the ball and keep on playing!
ball rot   And how does it work ?
At sunset the boundary lights (LEDs) of the golf course are automatically switched on and you then just change balls and
keep on playing. The bounds of the teeing ground, fairways, roughs, sand bunkers, water hazards and greens are visible
and shine in the respective colors of the LEDs lamps.

The putting holes are made visible with two lights,  so you will never loose sight!
  An absolutely new golf feeling! What a thrill - you must try this out!
ball rot   The Golf Course

The Moonlight Golfing AG systems are built to fit any golf course.


  • No negative effect on the course maintenance
  • Attentive and careful installation works
  • No damage of the golf grass
ball rot   LED Technology

The high-quality LEDs are specially made and absolutely weather resistant!
The lamps are set in the ground in such a way that they do not influence on the flight or rolling path of the golf balls!


  • The LED lamps are maintenance free and, while operating up to 6 hours a day, have a life cycle of approx. 20 years
  • Low power consumption due to modern LED technology
  • The system can also be fed with solar energy
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